Ringing In The New Year

It's time to talk about those pesky New Years Resolutions. You know.... the ones we never keep. The ones in which we set the goal so high, we fail before we even get a running start. This year let's make it our year. Set realistic goals. Only a few weeks at a time. Then, before we know it, it's 2012 and we have reached all our dreams for 2011.

 Tuff Phit has it's own New Years Resolution. Together with Your Happy Hearts.com, I have written several articles, posted numerous recipes, and hopefully motivated you to continue to reach for your goals.  I am not perfect and have tons of goals for myself. I fall short, I feel like I don't want to workout on numerous occassions, and get lazy at times. Then something(s), mainly these two blogs and you my readers, kick me in the butt to keep going.

As I manage both of these sites I see them going in different directions and really becoming of their own identity. I would hate my readers to be subscribed to both and getting the same or repetitive information. (With the exception of this post!) So what does 2011 hold for Tuff Phit.com and Your Happy Hearts.com? Simply this.....

Your Happy Hearts is going CHICK. Yup, that's right. It's going to be a motivation place for woman to get the encouragement they need for daily tasks. Reminding you to take time for yourself and make healthy choices along the way. Full of product suggestions that are affordable for anyone.

Follow Your Happy Hearts on FB if you are not already, for inspirational quotes of the day.  Come and chat with us by sharing what you accomplished that day, either in your workouts or healthy eating. Share recipes or workout videos you may have found and enjoyed. You are welcome to post or link there at anytime. Become part of a health and fitness community built just for you! Have your own health and fitness blog or biz? Share it with us!

The Thinking Person's Guide To Fitness: What THEY don't tell you about looking and feeling great!Tuff Phit.com is planning to continue our relationship with awesome companies for product reviews and giveaways. All giveaways will be featured on Tuff Phit.com. So if you are only a subscriber to Your Happy Hearts.com make sure you venture over to Tuff Phit.com and get subscribed today. Once you are subscribed you will be entered in all giveaways for the life of your subscription. Recipes, workouts, book reviews, workout routines, and much more will be posted on TF.com. We will give you information for each individual. From starting out in the fitness world, to competing for your first time. Check out the "Workout Now" tab at the top of our home page, for workout videos you can do right away in the comfort of your home, in front of your computer.  Tuff Phit is also a community for MEN AND WOMAN. We will post articles and reviews which will be appropriate for everyone. So come on men, step up to the plate and join our blog!

Find Tuff Phit.com on FB as well. Use Tuff Phit FB as your personal sounding board or "public" journal. Let us know how things are going.... even if they are not that great. Again, if you have a biz adventure or fitness blog, come share it with us there. We love to help promote others as well.

So Happy New 2011 fans/subscribers to Your Happy Hearts.com and Tuff Phit.com.

Please note: If you would like to contact us, and you are a subscriber, simply reply to the email inbox post! We love your ideas, thoughts, and comments.

Be Blessed in this new year!

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