Gymboss Interval Timer Review

Gymboss interval timer and stopwatch is the smallest, best priced, and most important piece of equipment you can have in your gym.  When working out in an interval training routine, who wants to start and stop their watch or focus on the clock on a gym wall? Wouldn't it be easier if something just beeped at you instructing you when to start, rest, and start again? This can be achieved with the Gymboss personal interval timer. I reviewed this product a few years ago and was excited to see an updated, sleek, and new design.

I received the pink camouflage color and it's been a great addition to my gym. This is the simplest piece of equipment to program and workout with.

The new design (shown on the right) features a wider and more clear timer screen. Batteries are not included, but only require one AAA battery to get you started. The Gymboss can be clipped to any piece of clothing, anywhere, for easy access. Once you program your workout, (Ex: 1 minute workout with 10 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, and 10 seconds on), you select start and you're off and running. Literally. These are perfect for running, walking, and sprinting intervals. The secure clasp on the back will cling to your clothing without falling off.  The loud beeping can be easily heard, without worrying about looking at your wrist watch. You can now focus all your energy into your training. 

The newest design has a little attitude. It comes in a variety of colors such as: Silver, Gold, White, Black, Purple, Orange, Green, Green Camo, Light Blue, Teal, and the Pink digital camo you see here. Each timer retails for only $19.95.  They measure 1 3/4 x 2 1/4 x 1/2. It's small enough to tuck away in a pocket, gym bag, or clip to your yoga jacket collar. They are water resistant and shock resistant for those times when you just might drop it during a power routine. Clear silicone skins are available for more water proofing, if you desire to use this during water sports. Arm bands and wrist bands can also be purchased if you don't have on enough clothing for clipping choices. 

Easily listed instruction on the clip are printed upside down so you can flip it over for access to instructions at any point. They are clear, precise, and easy to understand. The timer includes a standard clock as well. You can use these for Boxing, Weight Lifting, Running, Cardio, Crossfit, Kettlebells, and anything else you desire. They are personalized to your training. Below is the official Gymboss video on easy set up. 

I did my own YouTube video back in 2012 with a workout routine demonstrating the Gymboss.  I highly recommend this to anyone looking to up their fitness workouts with ease. Take the guessing out of your routine and let the Gymboss do it for you. If you already own this little gem, comment below on your favorite way to incorporate it into your routines. 

Gymboss can be found on Facebook for tips on use and inspirational articles. 

~Angie Christine


Lift Your Sole jewelry is for the fitness inspired enthusiast who wants to wear their journey, motivation, and dedication for everyone to see. LYS has been featured in Runner, Shape, Fitness, and Oxygen magazines and now here on Tuff Phit. 

The Courage and Strength ring was packaged in a star speckled draw-sting bag, shining in all it's sterling silver glory. Being that it's adjustable, the choices of which finger to wear it on is a great feature. The ring is very solid and can be moved and bent with ease but no feeling it will break. It makes a perfect gift with no guessing ring sizes. 
Choosing to wear it on my thumb, I did find it to catch on some clothing and it took a while to get used to the swooping design. So a warning that it can catch on things or get in the way. If this occurs, it can be easily adjusted to another finger until you are used to wearing a design like this. 
Engraved with the words "Strength" and "Courage" it's a constant reminder of what you overcome each and every day when facing personal fitness goals. The words are oxidized in black into an engraved lettering and will not rub off.  LYS has so many choices in fine jewelry that you will find something just right for your own journey. This ring retails for $35.95. 

I also received the Fearless word bar charm which has not left my neck.  Again made of sterling silver with black lettering, the word "fearless" is a perfect reminder to press forward in all of our daily struggles and that we all have a fearless side. The charm always lays in a forward position never spinning backward. The beaded chain which my bar charm adorns does not twist or lock up, even making it through a night of heavy post-workout sleep with much durability.  It has a secure claw clasp closure.  The duo of the bar charm and the beaded chain has a feminine and sleek style. It is packaged on a LYS jewelry card and in an anti-tarnish baggie. When not wearing the necklace, place in the baggie to stop any changes in coloring of the jewelry. Because they are sterling silver, if this oxidization occurs, easily clean with a sterling silver cloth.  The charms retail anywhere from $11.95 - $19.95 and the chains $27.95 - $29.95

With so many designs, Lift Your Sole features the most choices in the area of the runner. Runner, Jogger, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon. As each piece can be hand selected, LYS provides a personal touch of creating something that is unique and one-of-a-kind to you. 


I couldn't be happier with my Lift Your Sole choices. With great customer service and easy ordering this is a must for any fitness or gym junkie. Check out their site to see all the wonderful choices they have and start creating your personal necklace with one charm or as many as your sole inspires you to choose. 

You can find Lift Your Sole on Facebook for all their product updates, inspiration, and motivational posts. 

Be blessed, 
~Angie Christine. 


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